For replication purpose, supplementary materials of the SE research group is available here.

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[DIR]IST15-foucault/ - On the usefulness of ownership metrics in open-source software projects. Matthieu Foucault, Cédric Teyton, David Lo, Xavier Blanc, Jean-Rémy Falleri
[DIR]ICSME19-docker-oumaziz/ - Handling duplicates in Dockerfiles families: Learning from experts. Mohamed A. Oumaziz, Jean-Rémy Falleri, Xavier Blanc, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé, Jacques Klein
[DIR]WCRE13-teyton/ - Automatic Discovery of Function Mappings between Similar Libraries. Cédric Teyton, Jean-Rémy Falleri, Xavier Blanc
[DIR]ICSOC17-oumaziz/ - Empirical Study on REST APIs usage in Android Mobile Applications. Mohamed A. Oumaziz, Abdelkarim Belkhir, Tristan Vacher, Eric Beaudry, Xavier Blanc, Jean-Rémy Falleri and Naouel Moha
[DIR]Thesis16-charpentier/ - Contributions à l’usage des détecteurs de clones pour des tâches de maintenance logicielle (Thesis Defense). Alan Charpentier
[DIR]ICSR17-oumaziz/ - Documentation Reuse: Hot or Not? An Empirical Study. Mohamed A. Oumaziz, Alan Charpentier, Jean-Rémy Falleri and Xavier Blanc
[DIR]ICSME16-charpentier/ - Automated Extraction of Mixins in Cascading Style Sheets. Alan Charpentier, Jean-Rémy Falleri and Laurent Réveillère.
[DIR]ESE15-charpentier/ - Raters' reliability in clone benchmarks construction. Alan Charpentier, Jean-Rémy Falleri, Floréal Morandat, Elyas Ben Hadj Yahia and Laurent Réveillère.
[DIR]EASE15-charpentier/ - An empirical assessment of Bellon's clone benchmark. Alan Charpentier, Jean-Rémy Falleri, David Lo and Laurent Réveillère.
[DIR]SAC16-braik/ - Real Time Streaming Pattern Detection for an Ecommerce website. William Braik, Floréal Morandat, Jean-Rémy Falleri and Xavier Blanc
[DIR]EASE14-foucault/ - Code Ownership in Open-Source Software. Matthieu Foucault, Jean-Rémy Falleri, Xavier Blanc
[DIR]FSE15-foucault/ - Developer Turnover in Open-Source Software. Matthieu Foucault, Marc Palyart, Xavier Blanc, Gail C. Murphy, and Jean-Rémy Falleri
[DIR]ASE14-falleri/ - Fine-grained and Accurate Source Code Differencing. Falleri, Morandat, Blanc, Monperrus, Martinez