This Web page gathers information related to the tool XTic, part of a research work "Automatic Extraction of Developer Expertise", to be presented in EASE 2014 conference (London, UK).

XTIc configuration

An XTic configuration $name is composed of a pair of JSON files :

In the XTic-demo directory, you can observe there is a demo configuration we launched during the first execution.

When XTic runs, each configuration is assigned a number. In the OSGi prompt, you need to write xtic $number to launch XTic with the corresponding configuration.

1) Configuration File

The configuration file is used to specify mongoDB configuration as well as where specifications files are located. By default, it is in the spec directory.
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More options

You have also the possibility to define the following options for the XTic analysis :
	"options": {	
	    "xtic-files":"specs    ",
	"options" : {

The MAX_COMMIT_SIZE (an integer) and RENAME_MOVE (true/false) options are detailed in the Tutorial.

The MIN_COMMITS_DEV (an integer) indicates the minimal number of commits that a developer must have performed to be part of the report. It is used to discard developers that made very few commits and may be intuitively out of interest for the analysis. The default value is 5.

2) Source File

List the repositories to analyze. Only Git is currently supported. If you use svn repository, you can use the git-svn tool to transform.
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